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Olomouc - Olympia Olomouc

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Základní informace:

Olomouc, with its 110,000 inhabi­tants, is the fifth largest town in the Czech Republic and is located in the heart of Moravia. The town is known not only for its valuable historical monuments and the tradition of trade, but it is also becoming an important communications centre. It is the only town, with the exception of Prague, situated at the crossroads of key national and international road links – the E 462 road connects Poland with Moravia and Austria, while the fast R 46, which connects at Vyskov to the D1 motorway, provides an easy transport connection to Brno and continues further to Prague (D1 motorway) or to Bratislava (D2 motorway).

More than 130,000 of the region’s inha­bitants are employed in transport and trade, with agriculture and the food industry as important components. The town of Olomouc is known as the area’s centre of education, as the Palacky University (Univerzita Palackého) with its seven departments is a sought after institution and the inhabitants of the Olomouc region are significantly better educated than the national average. A visitor to the town can explore the town’s culture, social life and sports facilities – a number of new sports centres are being built in surrounding area’s, and there is a network of cycling tracks.

Some 66.5% of the inhabitants of Olomouc are aged 15–59 years and its catchment population totals 345,000: comprising 110,000 in Olomouc itself.

The new shopping centre, Olympia Olomouc, is located close to the Brno-Ostrava bypass, in the south of Olomouc. Access from the town centre is easy via the E 55 road.

With its strategic position, range of offer and a design respecting the local environment, Olympia Centre Olomouc is the first shopping centre of its kind in this region and it became a dominant regional shopping centre.

Olympia Olomouc is multifunctional and offers a variety of shopping in specialised shops, as well as providing pleasant surroundings in which our customers feel comfortable to spend free time.

Hypermarket 13,000 m²
Retail shops 15,900 m²
Restaurants 1,050 m²
Entertainment 290 m²

Parking space

Multi Development Czech Republic



T+T Design, Gouda, The Netherlands
K4, Brno, Czech Republic

August 2004

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Olomouc - Olympia Olomouc

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